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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4th Annual Breast Cancer Cookie Sale

Four years ago when I first decided to start my home baking business I was in a cooking store and saw the pink ribbon cutter.   It was in the middle of September so I thought why not try and sell some cookies and then donate some of the money made to one of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundations or Societies.  Well, 4 years later I am still running the sale.   I sign myself up for 30-40 days of constant and intense baking.   I practice - Work, Bake, Sleep, Work, Bake, Dip.     Sadly the "Work" gets in the way otherwise I would try to sell a lot more cookies but I do what I can in the time provided.

 In 4 years I have sold over 400 dozen cookies in only the month of October,  this translates into over $2500 in donations to support Breast Cancer research!  As a women I feel pretty proud of that and I hope to continue this sale every year to raise awareness and funds with the hope that one day the Work part of my regime will be the baking part.   :-)


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