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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ode to the Mini egg or Eggie - Part 3

I actually wasn't going to do a part three, at least not until my post Easter chocolate stock up.   Luckily I had some free time this morning before work and I happen to make it to a few stores.  Do you think I bought enough?  I am unsure (wink, wink).    I will let you do the counting but I stopped after 10.   Eighty percent of those bags have already made their way to the freezer, hidden underneath several items so sneaky Brad doesn't eat them like the Christmas peanut butter cups that have magically disappeared. Don't be surprised if you see me bake something with Easter eggs in July.

Anyway, I went out for dinner two weeks ago with some old co-workers and I was mentioning my new appreciation for Eggies.   One of them had no such appreciation, she was a Mini Egg fan all the way.  A week later she emailed me with a request for some Mini Egg cupcakes for her Easter dinner.   I jokingly said I would perform a secret switch and trick her with some Eggies to she if she really knew she difference.  Sneaky but I never did it.   Her request was vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, both with some mini eggs on top.   To add even more Mini Egg intensity I chopped up some and added them in the vanilla cupcakes.  End result: super cute Easter cupcakes for dessert.

Sadly I never baked any extras for myself to enjoy but I will admit I did snack on several mini eggs.
Here is the end product.  Now if only she would send me a picture of her adorable son, Ronan eating a cupcake so I could add him to my blog.

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