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Thursday, May 19, 2011

How did I survive without you?

Seriously how did I survive with out one of these mini scoops for so long.  

Not just for ice cream,  this little scoop is your all purpose baking friend.  Spooning cookies on to a pan evenly and quickly is no longer a problem. Cupcakes the same size every time, no problem. 

 LOVE IT!   

All these years I was making cookies the long way. Now I admit it really wasn't that long but now it is just too fun and easy.    Scoop, drop, Scoop, drop.  I could do it all day.   I bought my mom one of these scoops for Mother's day and called her up and told her she needs to bake cookies right away. 

Ha. Is it sad I get very excited about this?  My fellow food bloggers and bakers understand, right?? 

Any suggestions on what cookies I should bake next? 



  1. I just bought my first ice cream scoop thing the other day and had the same epiphany! I do not know how I managed without it for so long!!! I also mentioned it in my blog post when I first used it!!!!

  2. Funny, I know. It's the small things that make us happy. :-)


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