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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Five Friday Pin Up

I missed this the pin up last week and today's is Saturday.   I didn't stop pinning, cookies, my birthday, bingo (which I won $91) Thanksgiving and work got in the way.  This weekend doesn't seem to be letting up on the busy factor.   I have a late Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday with the in-laws and a birthday party on Sunday for my 1 yr old nephew.    Baking on tap includes some cupcakes for a baby shower, the birthday cake for my nephew, more Breast Cancer cookies and coming up with some holiday recipes for EatinEatout Magazine.   My blog and 4 others have been selected to be profiled in their November Holiday issue.   It is very exciting.

So for the next two weeks I will be busy creating and testing some holiday recipes and catching up on some delayed posts.   Hopefully life slows down a little bit.   This Monday night I will be going to see Michael Smith speak with my mom.  Should be a fun night and a great night off.  

Here are a few things I pinned the last few weeks:

1) Pumpkin Smores by Try Anything Once :

2) Toffee Crunch Cupcakes by Haute Mama's Favourites :

3) Apple Fritters by Seemingly Greek :

4) Pumpkin Squash Quiche by Closet Cooking :

5) Sweet Potato Soup by Bake Bike Blog :

Have a sweet weekend!

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