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Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Friday Pin Up

I think I am now back to a normal schedule.   I can get back to scouring through blogs and cookbooks,  I can get back to pinning and gawking through photos and recipes.  I can get back to baking!  Wouldn't ya know it,  just in time for the holidays.    You will notice my lack of Halloween recipes.  This is for two reasons, 1) It has been a busy month, 2) I am really not a big fan of Halloween.   I am sorry for all you Halloween lovers, my street included  It is just not my thing, Although I do theme my Christmas party ever year.   Is that weird?  When I was young we had a Halloween Haunted House for several years, it was quite the production.  Now I think I am on Halloween hiatus until I have kids.   But in a few more days Halloween will be over and we enter what I like to call , Meg gets giddy season. Officially, It's start November 1st.  Unofficially I have been planning my Christmas party in my head (okay and on my Iphone) for weeks.   My name is Meg and I am a Christmas Nut.  My holiday recipes for Eat In Eat Out Magazine are done and submitted,  the holiday ball is now rolling.    I will post them shortly.

For those of you who love Halloween, I hope you have a great weekend of parties, dressing up and scary movies.

Here are some of the awesome recipes and photos I have pinned over the last two weeks.

1) Almond Loaf and Pear Butter by Completely Delicious :

2) Pink Ribbon Oreos by Sweet Treats and More :

3) Homemade Butter Fingers by Une Gamine dans la Cuisine :

4) Seven Layer Dip Cornmeal Pancakes by Closet Cooking

5) Mushroom, Sweet Potato and Smoked Gouda Choweder by Our Life in Food :

Have a SWEET weekend!

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