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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's National Pumpkin Day

I heard on the radio this morning that is it National Pumpkin Day. I guess it makes sense it is in October and close to Halloween.    If you are a food blogger or reader it has been national pumpkin day for weeks now.   Pumpkin is everywhere. I am actually forcing my self to go into a pumpkin withdrawal because I have been using it so much. I do have one more pumpkin recipe to come and  I will post in a few weeks.  Just in time for American Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Cartoons Wallpaper: Snoopy - Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Do you think it's funny food has special days?  Do we need a day to celebrate certain foods? There is nut day, pancake day, cupcake day, maple syrup and on and on.   Who created all these days I wonder?  How do you get a National food day made? It certainly gives us a reason to create dishes using those foods, but then you have to remember it is a special food day.   They need to have special food day calenders.   I think I would create Chocolate and Peanut Butter day - a day to celebrate the mixture together.  

What food day would you create?

Here a few of my pumpkin desserts if you have a craving to make something today.

All Pumpkin Desserts
Pumpkin Roll Cake
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
Pumpkin Angel Food Cake
Pumpkin Bourbon Cakes
Pumpkin Cornmeal Loaf

Don't forget to roast the pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack.

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