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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toronto Underground Market #2

The Toronto Underground Market event #2 was held this Saturday at the Evergreen Brick Works.
"The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) is a social food market for the community to sample the food of Toronto home cooks. It is a venue for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their products"
The first Toronto Underground Market was in September and tickets were sold out in a day and then second one was no exception.  Luckily I saw someone mention it on facebook and I was online early morning and snatched up 4 tickets.  2 for Brad and I and 2 for our friends Mike and Ann.

When you first walk in to the venue you see a couple rows of about 30 vendors.  People trying to gain exposure to their food, their ideas and their creations.  The food selection was pretty amazing.   Food ranged from Mexican, Italian, Romania, Fusion and Indian.   Tickets were only $5 and then you had to pay about $3-$5 for food at each booth.   The tricky thing was trying to figure out what booth to eat at.  

When we got there we were starving so it didn't take us long to stop at a few booths with short lines.  Mike and Ann got meat pies and coleslaw and Brad and I tried sausage in a crepe with some apple butter mustard.   So far so good, let's continue down the line.

Sausage in the crepe with apple butter mustard

Meat Pie with Coleslaw

Next Stop : Mini Shredded Beef Sliders

Mike, Ann and Brad stopped for some Butter Chicken and Fresh Naan

 While I stood in line for pulled pork stuffed into a popover.   Delicious!

 Sadly never made it to this booth, the food looked and sounded fantastic but the line up was just too long.   Maybe next time.

Mike managed to snag a pulled pork taco from a booth which we also avoided due to a very long line. He found a friend five people form the front of the line. Score!  

And for dessert... Mini Cupcakes - cookie dough, red velvet and Oreo



We didn't love the popcorn but the cupcakes were pretty tasty. 

Overall I would give the show D-EEEEE-LICIOUS.   Lots of great vendors and food.   There were a lot of people there and they could have used a few more booths to help spread out the people.   As word continues to spread about TUM and they have more events, tickets will sell out even faster and hopefully more vendors will sign on. I will definitely go back for another round and support some budding businesses.   Maybe one day I will be one of them.  


  1. Oh my Gosh I had no idea about the underground market! Too bad that I missed it!
    But I saw that its going to be another one on November! Thank you so much for the details and pictures!

  2. that caramel popcorn sounds way better than any cupcake in the world


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