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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breast Cancer Cookie Sale 2011

I have been talking a lot about this cookie sale I have been doing over the last month.   It has been one of the reasons the amount of my blog posts went down the month of October.   I have just had no time.     Every October I run a cookie sale for breast cancer research and awareness.  This year was my fifth year running the sale.   For 30-40 days I sign myself up for a regime of work-bake-sleep, work-dip-package-sleep and repeat.   Depending on how crazy the sale gets, the busier I get.   It's a good busy, actually it is a great busy.   The busier I get the more money I donate to Breast Cancer research and that makes me happy.   I delivered my last 6 bags on Friday and I am now done.

I originally started this sale on a whim.  I happen to see the ribbon cookie cutter in the store and decided to randomly do a cookie sale for breast cancer.  Donating 50% of all my proceeds to breast cancer.   I found a chocolate sugar cookie recipe and a vanilla sugar cookie recipe, dipped them in pink sugar crystals and voila!     After the first year,  I decided to expand to also dip the cookies in pink chocolate.

The first year was small and I only sold about 40 dozen cookies.   Over the years the sale has grown. One year I got over 200 orders.   That is over 2400 cookies in month, not an easy task when I am also working full time.  My oven took a beating that year, as did my husband, who could barely use the kitchen.   It has been an amazing five years of running the sale and I have donated over $3000 to breast cancer research.

Next year I will expand the sale with a new addition to the line up, so stay tuned next October. Thank you to everyone who has supported the sale over the years. It has been a great run!  I look forward to many more years of creating awareness and spreading the word through cookies.

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