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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 of 2011 and a Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone.  Can you believe it?  You think the year starts off slow, (at least it does when you have to battle cold winters) and then snap summer is over and you are already getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 2011 was an interesting year for me, full of wins, challenges and fun. I started to find my blogging groove and got addicted to so many other blogs and "pinning".   I have a lot of hope for 2012 for all facets of my life.  My goal is to be more patient, open and happy.  Don't sweat the small stuff and be thankful for what I have.  My blogging goal is to get a bit healthier.  I know my focus is baking but their are healthy baking alternatives and I plan to explore them, without forgetting my true sweet tooth.

I wish for all my readers a fantastic 2012, filled with happiness, adventure and excitement.

Happy New Year!

Here are the 5 most popular posts of 2011.

1) Chocolate Coconut Pie   - Such an easy pie to put together and so delicious! I am already thinking of variations.

 2) Craggy Chocolate Cake - Flourless and four ingredients.   Pretty, fudgy and rich chocolate heaven.

3) Banana Cupcakes with a Peanut Butter Lindt Filling and PB Chocolate Buttercream - This is one of my favorites of all time!  The secret peanut butter surprise inside was awesome.  I still crave these.

4) Apple Crumble Loaf - I baked my fair share of apple desserts this year, this loaf had layers of apple and crumble in between layers of loaf.

5) Oatmeal Turtle Jumbles - Part of my 12 days of Cookies these spiked up to the top 5 very quickly.

Although I love the above top 5, there were a few others that I particularly loved. 


  1. Ooo, these all look so good! Love that apple crumble loaf.

  2. Happy New Year Meg! All of your posts and recipes are lovely, I love them all, I'm your fan! Best wishes to you!


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