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Friday, March 9, 2012

Five Friday Pin up - Mar 9

Does anyone watch the Finder?  It is my new favorite show and I highly recommend it.  Smart, funny and very entertaining.   Check it out, it was on Thursday night but I think it is moving to Fridays.  And that is all I have to say about that.

On another note : TGIF and TGTGWIS  (Thank god the good weather is coming)  We have a small dip in the temperature for the next day or so but Sunday and the days following it are promising sunshine and double digits. Hello walks outside, driving with the window down and patio season.  I think this weekend may also involve uncovering the BBQ. Yippee!  Spring also means Easter.  Which means Easter candy and my obsession with it.  Mini eggs, eggies, reese eggs they all make me very happy and now I can freely bake with them.  Time for some Easter recipe creation.

My hubby is back from work travel so this weekend will involve a dinner/movie date and a nice Sunday walk. As well as the usual baking, blogging I must must start to go over all my taxes.  I never got to those last time I said I was supposed to.  My giant envelope of receipts is haunting me.

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead Sunday morning if you are supposed to and enjoy more sunlight at night!

It has been a while since I spread the blogging word on what I recently got hooked on, so I did my 10 favorite pins of the last few weeks.

1) Salted Caramel Macaroons by 52 Kitchen Adventures :

2) Nutella Baklava by Epicurean Mom :

3) Butterfinger Blondies by Six Sisters Stuff :

4) Whole Wheat Baked Banana + Chocolate Doughnuts by Top with Cinnamon :

5) English Muffin Bread by My Baking Addiction :

6) Creamy baked rigatoni with butternut squash and goat cheese by Foodess :

7) Creamy chicken avocado and goat cheese salad by The Healthy Foodie :

8) No Bake Lentil Granola Bars by Once Upon a Cutting Board :

9) Gluten Free Oreos by Gluten Free Girl :

10) Samoa Bundt Cake by Betsy Life :

Have a SWEET Weekend!
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