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Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Friday Pin Up - April 20

So maybe I am not quite up to my usual self since I only got one post out this week,  but I finally did bake some brownies last night and the post should come out this weekend. Progress.  I was actually busy several nights this week working on a First Communion cake order, that will be picked up tonight.  My hands as of this morning are still a light shade of purple due to some fondant dying last night.  Pic to follow soon.

My agenda for the weekend is pretty sparse right now, so I do foresee a trip to the bulk barn and some baking in my near future.  We are also hoping to tackle some landscaping this weekend, weather permitting of course.   The hubby and I are unfortunately one of the   "bad lawns" on the street.  Money, time and effort all playing a factor.    We ideally would like to do some serious landscaping to our backyard and front yard.  The tricky thing is the backyard is a much bigger and more costly job than the front but there is no sense in doing the front because that will get ruined when the machines have to go to the back.  So we are in a stalemate until we save enough money.  This also means I don't get my veggie garden for at least another year which is also sad.   Our efforts now are simply to maintain a "pretty" enough front yard to not get banned from the street parties for our bad lawn. haha!

Any gardening advice?  What's easy and pretty?  

Although my baking isn't up to old levels I have caught up on some serious pinning.     Here are some of my favorites.   I have also started a new Food for the Summer board.  So excited for summer!

1) No Bake Strawberry Milk Cheesecake by Sprinkle Bakes :

2) Lemon Berry Cheesecake Parfaits by Kitchen Confidante :

3) Smores Rolo Monkey Bread by Picky Palate :

4) Butterscotch Spiral Coffee Cake by The Gallery Gourmet :

5) Whole Grain Strawberry Donuts by Chocolate & Carrots :

Have a Sweet weekend!

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