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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food Trucks @ my Work

Today was an exciting day. It was Food Trucks at my work day.  I live in the suburbs outside of Toronto and there isn't always a lot of food trucks there.  It also isn't easy to make it downtown to Toronto for all the events or even just for lunch to catch them at their locations. I am a huge fan of the food truck movement, so when I received an email about a food truck eats event at my work I was so excited. The wonderful benefits of working at a major food company. I just hope this event will repeat it self. 

The tricky thing was which food truck do I eat from?  There were five food trucks coming.  

Tough call eh? I decided to stick with the basic comfort foods and split a Gorilla Cheese and a poutine with a co-worker. I have tried the Toasted Tangerine before, since they occasionally come around my  work so I wanted to try something else.   I was actually the first in line for Gorilla Cheese after I secretly bumped in front of a bunch of people waiting for it to open.   I got the grilled cheese, my friend got the poutine.   

I will tell you there is certainly a reason that these food trucks are so popular, they are damn GOOD!! I almost all the poutine with letting my friend have any. Ooops. 

On May 5, there is an event in Toronto called Street Food Block Party.  It will be an amazing food event full of food vendors and trucks.   Tickets were sold out in hours and I was lucky enough to snag mine.  The food choices will become even harder and I really just can't wait.  

Here are my tasty choices from today and stay tuned for my block party post next weekend. 

The grill cheese


Me and my first Gorilla Cheese


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  1. I wish we had food trucks in lil' ol' Abbotsford...everything I've ever seen from one looks AH-mazing!!


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