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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toronto Street Food Block Party

I mentioned a few weeks ago I got tickets to the Toronto Street Food Party. Well it was this past Saturday and it was awesome!    There were over 30 food vendors and trucks,  there was a limited number of tickets and they sold out with in minutes.   Even up until the night of the event there were people on the facebook site asking for tickets.  The theme was Cinco de Mayo given the event was on May 5th and for the most part most vendors had one or two things around the theme.    I wanted to get their right at 5 if not before since we had limited time since we had to be back in the suburbs for a birthday party.  Unfortunately I wasn't the only one with getting there right at 5 on the mind.   There was a serious line to get in and we luckily just got parking.   The photo below was after we had already moved up considerably.

So obviously I was a bit stressed I would run out of time and get stuck spending most of my time in lines.   We were strategic though,  when we got it we went straight to the back to the food trucks.   My first choice was wood fire grilled pizza. It was vegetarian with white sauce,  caramelized onions, feta and kalamata olives.   It was very very tasty.  I love thin crust pizza, crispy on the edge and soft in the center.

The others decided to get grilled cheese from Gorilla Cheese and some taco variations from the Caplansky Deli Truck.  That's my friend Steve having his first Gorilla Cheese.   

It was an also a requirement to get some fries and beer.   There was just no easy way to eat the fries for Steve. 

After some serious eats we couldn't end the night with out some much needed desserts.    I decided to get an Oreo cupcake in a jar from the Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co.   Very cool idea and I will definitely replicate this idea in the future. 

Brad decided to get a whole bunch of mini cupcakes from the same place.  This was a cookie dough and red velvet that I stole from him.  :-)

It was a pretty cool event.   Some lines unfortunately were quite long but pretty hard to avoid with the amount of people,  you just need to get their early.  I think it was even busier when we left then when we got there.  So much choice and variety and a lot of very unique dishes, there is something to find for everyone with and without a line.  Prices for dishes and drinks were both very reasonable and portions were just enough to allow you to sample a few vendors.  I am crossing my fingers they repeat this event in the summer as I will anxiously be waiting to get my tickets.    Great job to all the organizers, volunteers,  vendors and food trucks.  Keep 'em coming! 

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