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Monday, November 18, 2013

Cupcake Birthday and What I learned this last year.

So yesterday was a milestone day at the Sweet Twist of Blogging household, our little one turned one. Can't believe this day was here already.  I still remember the day she was born so clearly.   When I have big events or parties at my house it tends to consume me, which means my poor blog and all its social media is neglected.   I think it is actually my need to perfect and impress.   I obsess over food details, especially desserts.

I decided to make this First Birthday a cupcake theme as the party store had First Birthday Girl Cupcake plates and napkins.   To make it go overboard I decided to do cupcake cookies, cupcake cake pops, cupcakes and a giant cupcake cake.   Too much?  Ha!    Now you know where I have been the last week...In the kitchen!

For the rest of the food I ordered some sandwiches and then made a couple salads, dips and fruit and veggie trays.   No matter how much I think I am organized and do things the night before I somehow always seem to be rushed, behind and stressed hours leading up to a party.  My husband always jokes and asks me "stress level on a scale of 1-10"  I was never below 6 leading up to this party.  Luckily my mom and sister arrived early and helped me pull the final food details together while the hubby bathed the little one and moved around some furniture.

I wanted to have some cute banners and do a 12 month string of her photos, so I asked my sister in law to make some banners and buntings for me.  She does an amazing job.  Everything matched our cupcake theme perfectly.  She also made the little circles for the cupcakes.   Everything just looked perfect.   I loved it.  

The first year of your little ones life sure does go by fast. Here are a few things I learned.

  • Take the monthly photos. I am sure you will take photos every month but actually stop on the day she turns each month, make a sign, get a sticker etc. and take the photo.   It is so interesting to see the monthly changes. 
  • If you are taking a mat leave try and sign up for a few mom and baby classes, yoga, working out, swimming, mother goose etc.   They may have no idea what is always going on but its gets you out and them out.  Seeing other babies, socializing and it is something fun you did together.  
  • Don't stress about a schedule in the beginning. Over time it comes together. 
  • Hand the baby off to Dad.  He needs to get comfortable so you can go out and take a break. They need to want to spend time with him.  
  • At the birthday party, have fun and try to relax.  Watch your little one and try not to stress over the rest of the details.  This is something I feel I missed a bit.  They only have one 1st Birthday party so watch them play, mess up a cake and take pictures.   We tried to play the career game with my daughter.  I believe it is a Korean tradition where you place items on the ground and they signify a future career.   We put the items on the ground and she ignored them 4 times.   Oh well, I guess her career wasn't on the ground.   No stress, move on to the next even of the party.  
  • The most important thing : DON'T RUSH.   Babies eventually move quick, slow down and watch them.  Try not to over multi-task, stay focused for the memories and for safety. 
  • My husbands tip : Time Management - because the one thing you will lose is time for just you, as I am writing while she sleeps. 
  • My obvious tip : Lots of hugs and kisses everyday. 
I have loved every minute of the last year, even the crying fits and lack of sleep.  She makes me smile every day and I am so grateful for her.   Looking forward to all the excitement of this next year. 

What are your tips for the first year ? school years?  teen years? future years?

She knows there is something good in there besides tissue paper. 

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