How Much Bleach to shock a Pool to Make Safe for Swimmers?

The aim of shocking your pool is to increase the concentration of the available chlorine. You can do that with a commercial product that can free the chlorine that has formed compounds through contamination. Another way is to add chlorine or pour household bleach into your swimming pool. Today we want to look at how […]

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make a Homemade Pool Cover Reel

While the advantages of a pool cover are many, the southside is that it can be difficult to use these covers. However, you can make the work easier if you have a pool cover reel system that comes in handy when covering and uncovering the pool. 

There are different types of pool covers, ranging from automatic to hand-cranked one, that you can get out there. But those covers can be more expensive than making one for your pool.

High pH in Pool Safe to Swim: Learn about pH and TA

If your pool is not well-maintained, the water can contain different types of germs like viruses and bacteria. Some germs can lead to health issues such as the throat, nose, and ear infections. You should monitor your pool regularly to ensure that the water is well-balanced and safe for swimming. That means checking of the […]