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High pH in Pool Safe to Swim

High pH in Pool Safe to Swim: Learn about pH and TA

If your pool is not well-maintained, the water can contain different types of germs like viruses and bacteria. Some germs can lead to health issues such as throat, nose, and ear infections.

You not only should use optimization tools such as the best robotic pool cleaner or suction pool cleaner for cleaning your pool, but also monitor your pool regularly to ensure that the water is well-balanced and safe for swimming. That means checking of the water is clear, and if the pH is in the recommended range. 

High pH in Pool Safe to Swim

High pH Issues 

High pH in your pool is not safe for swimming and is considered alkaline. It can cause a lot of problems for the swimmers and the pool itself.  

A high pH of about 7.8 can result in cloudiness in the pool and scaling along the walls of your swimming pool. Besides, such a pH can also stop chlorine and disinfectants from getting rid of dangerous contaminants in your facility. 

The bad thing is that you might not notice any difference when swimming, but the contaminants can harm you if they met your body. 

Low pH Issues

If the pH is low (acidic water), you might easily feel the difference in the water, and that can also be a problem. A pH of about 7.0 can cause itching of the eye and skin irritations.

Just like the case of high pH, pool chemicals won’t be effective if the pH is low – meaning that harmful bacteria would survive. It can also make the pool to corrode and even affect the liners.

Recommended pH Level for Swimming 

High pH in Pool Safe to Swim1

The ideal pH levels make the chlorine to work effectively to ensure that your eyes and skin are protected from harsh chemicals. The right pH level for swimming should be around 7.2 to 7.8.

That is the ideal pH since it coincides with the swimmers’ bodies, preventing the water from causing any problem.

Maintaining the Right pH for Swimming 

Adjusting the pH involves a lot of trial and error process, so always begin on the lower end when you add chemicals to your pool. 

If your pool has a high pH level, you should try to add an acid like sodium bisulfate. As an example, you can add 900 grams of the acid in 50,000 gallons of water if your pool has a pH level of 8.0. 

You can also add sodium bicarbonate if the pH level is low. Here you can add 9 pounds of the product in every 10,000 gallons of water.

Is It Safe to Swim in a Pool with Low Alkalinity?

Pool alkalinity is also related to the pH level, and low alkalinity means that your swimming pool has a high pH level. The ideal alkalinity level should be between 80 ppm to 150 ppm.

Final Verdict

When you examine the pH level of your pool, you should also keep an eye on the TA of the water. There are a lot of products that you can add to the water to ensure that you get a balanced pool. 

Also, note that it is not safe to swim in a pool with a high or low pH level. Keep your pool balanced for the chemicals to work effectively.

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