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How Much Bleach to shock a Pool1

How Much Bleach to Shock a Pool?

Getting the best robotic pool cleaner as well as other pool cleaning equipment along with shocking your pool helps increase efficiency for a hygienic swimming pool.

The aim of shocking your pool is to increase the concentration of the available chlorine. You can do that with a commercial product that can free the chlorine that has formed compounds through contamination.

Another way is to add chlorine or pour household bleach into your swimming pool. Today we want to look at how you can add bleach and the amount you would need to add.

How Much Bleach to shock a Pool1

Using Bleach to Shock Your Pool

Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite (same chemical found in pool chlorine), but at a lower concentration. The level of sodium hypochlorite in bleach is between 5% and 6%, while chlorine is between 10% to 15%. 

What that means is that you would need twice the amount of bleach as normal chlorine. And to ensure that the bleach doesn’t get degraded by the sun, you should add it late in the afternoon. 

How Many Gallons of Bleach to Shock a Pool?

How Much Bleach to shock a Pool1

So, how many gallons of bleach would you need to shock your pool? First, you should know the level of chlorine in your swimming pool. 

You can easily do that by testing the water using a chlorine testing kit – make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guide. The aim is to hit a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm to ensure that your pool remains safe for the swimmers and free of contaminations.

As an example, Clorox is mainly used as a bleach in the swimming pool. That product features 5.7% concentration, and that means you would need to add 24 oz or 3 cups in a 5,000 gallons pool to boost the chlorine levels.

Finding the Volume of Pool

If you are lucky or wealthy enough to own the best above ground pool or in ground one but you don’t know how much water your swimming pool holds, multiply its length by its width and then by the relative depth of the pool. You will get an estimate volume.

If it is a round pool, multiply the estimated volume by 5.9, by 6.7 for an oval facility, and by 7.5 for a rectangular one. The result you get will be the amount of water your swimming pool hold.

Computing the Amount of Bleach to Use

Now you can know the gallons of bleach you would need to shock your pool as follows: use 0.5 gallons of Clorox per 10K gallons of water to increase the level of chlorine by 5 ppm. 

If you want to raise the level of chlorine by 2.5 ppm, then you would need ¼ gallon of the product per 10K gallons of water. You can use the above math to determine how much gallons you would need to use and ensure you continue to test the water.

Shocking the Pool with Bleach

Follow these steps when shocking your pool using bleach.

  1. Test the water pH and add sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid to reduce it if it is too high – should be between 7.2 and 7.8.
  2. Check the level of cyanuric acid in your pool – it should be between 20 and 50 ppm.
  3. Compute the volume of water in your pool.
  4. Add bleach to your swimming pool.


Remember to add bleach late in the afternoon and add the right amount to ensure that your pool remains safe to the swimmers. Now you can shock your facility using bleach.

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